Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Arrogant is often all we descend, the seed without appearing too often we realize. At the lowest level, arrogant caused by the factor of the material. We feel richer, more personable, and more respectable than others.

At the second level, we feel smarter, more competent, and are more than other people.

At the third level, we often consider ourselves more moral, more generous, and more sincere than the others.

Interestingly, the higher the level of hubris, the more difficult we also detected.
The root of this is the hubris of excessive ego. However, as this is the second change to pride (pride), you have to be very close to the morgue. Boundaries between the proud and arrogant are not too clear.

We actually consist of two poles, the ego of one pole and pure awareness, on the other pole. At the time born into the world, we are in a state of nudity and do not have anything. However, over time, we began to bring various desires more than simply that we need in life. We always said that we need more.

Journey of life we tend to lead to the polar ego. This is the root of all problems.

Struggle is a struggle against hubris towards pure awareness. To be against all forms of ostentation, there are two changes the paradigm that we need to do. First, we need to realize that in fact we are not being physical, but spiritual beings. We are born with empty hands, and (remember) we will die with empty hands.

Views such as this will make us see all the creatures in the universal equality. We will no longer look by appearance, labels, and all "look outside" other. That we see now is "look in". Views such as this will help steer us from a variety of hubris or ego illusion.

Second, we need to realize that any good deeds we do, all that is purely for the sake also ourselves. We give something to others is also for our own.

Energy that we give to the world is never destroyed. Energy will be returned to us in the form of the other. The good we do will return to us in the form of friendship, love, meaning of life, and a deep inner satisfaction.

So, any good to others, we are actually doing well to ourselves.

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