Friday, September 16, 2011

iPhone 5 Will Have The Radical Design, Compared to the iPhone 4

iPhone 5 is yet to be announced and is making almost all people around the world curious. Yesterday one of the Case-Mate Smartphone accessories makers published a picture of Apple iPhone accessories 5 at their website, which is then not long after that they pull back.

If you see from the picture above shows that the iPhone 5 has a design that is wider than the iPhone 4 of about 4 inches, a thinner design and visible light. At first glance looks like a blend shape 4 with iPad iPod Touch has a rounded bending-bending, while the iPhone 4 is surrounded with sharp angles and stiff.

With the launch of the iPhone approximate time 5 which may not be up to a month longer, do not be surprised if all parties concerned including accessory makers have been very ready to prepare for the presence of the iPhone 5, and the next few days seem to be getting a lot of information about the iPhone 5 we will know.

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