Thursday, December 22, 2011

Huawei Ready Unveils Their Super Smartphone

Huawei one of the leading vendors in Asia is trying to be more serious in the world of smartphones and tablets. Huawei has had previous products smartphones and tablets based on Android but not included in the category of upper class and not too horrendous; they are more focused to business procurement network only.

Based on the invitation received some of the media, Huawei is preparing to introduce their artificial super smartphone on February 26, 2012, but there is currently no detailed information yet about the event. It seems this product is a product that seriously worked by Huawei, because in their invitation to use the slogan’ the smartest smartphones, the fastest and has the most current high-performance''. Whether it will be like what the smartphone, but some rumors say that this smartphone will likely be powered by a quad-core processor, Android ICS, a large screen with sharp resolution and luxurious design. Really it is the most sophisticated smartphones when it was released later? Only time will answer :)

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