Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs!

The day after the iPhone was officially released 4S is a day of mourning in which the Apple fans, Apple lost an icon of a long battle with illness. On social media, Twitter, users are flooded with words Happy Birthday Steve Jobs.

Although it seems the Apple does not plan to hold a special event to celebrate the birth of one of their founders. This step may also take a look at them while still alive Jobs are individuals who would appreciate privacy. Had heard the last few months will be the presence iPad 3 coincide on the anniversary of Jobs, but in the absence of any event held on this day replied indirectly that the rumor was false. New rumors say the possibility that the next generation of Apple's tablet will be present next March.

If true, this certainly is the first major announcement after Jobs dies. Are there any of you are using a product from Apple?

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