Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apple Being Consumer Brand No. 1 in Japan

The Nikkei business newspaper of Japan released the results of the survey on consumer brand in 2011, and the American giant Apple is on the top, rises rapidly from the 11th position in 2010. Behind Google's stalking who are leaders in 2010, followed by YouTube and Panasonic.

This online poll involving 52 000 people over 18 years, and worked in the month of November-December 2011. Which disappeared in 10 of the giant Sony and Nintendo? This is a list of 10 major consumer brands; the number in parentheses is the ranking in 2010.

1. Apple
2. Google
3. Uniqlo
4. YouTube
5. Disney
6. McDonald's
7. Panasonic
8. Nissan
9. Dyson
10. Rakuten

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