Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kaspersky Introducing Security Scan Tool

Kaspersky Lab launches KasperskySecurity Scan, a device designed to check the status of computer security. This device is suitable for users who do not use antivirus or security software is free for now so look for a second opinion.

Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer of Kaspersky Lab said that the personal computer, such as desktop or mobile device, is still the primary communication device by most consumers. In fact millions of PC users around the world have low or no protection to use any security software.

According to data from a recent consumer survey, 60% of users around the world prefer to use free software. However, free software does not always provide the maximum level of security. His name is also free.

For example, independent tests conducted by AV-Test.org show that the anti virus software free that it failed to recognize a number of known malicious programs. For users of a free product, Kaspersky Security Scan might be a valuable tool to check the status of the security period, as well as preview and comparison of the ability of the protection of other security software vendors.

Kaspersky Security Scan can help to check the security status of the user's PC. This tool will inform the user if there are threats that are found there and help users to get the appropriate protection solutions and real-time from Kaspersky Lab.

The device is easily installed and removed, work in conjunction with other antivirus solutions and if Kaspersky Security Scan found the problem, the user will be given advice on a full-scale protection solutions that fit.

Kaspersky Security Scan is a small device, which is optimized for rapid installation with no additional questions and reboot. Kaspersky Security Scan is also in accordance with other security solutions, providing a second opinion about the security status. Right after the installation of Kaspersky Security Scan is ready to examine a computer system, to scan for malicious programs, the status of the security management of Windows and the fragility of the popular program. By default, the system automatically scans were performed three times a week, twice in background mode. However, these settings can be modified by the user. It also allows for either a quick scan or a whole system.

Once the scan is done, users will receive a report, display a security threat is detected in some categories. Users are also given advice on security solutions available from Kaspersky Lab, which will help repair an infected system and provide more protection and are always there. Although Kaspersky Security Scan can be to detect the majority of malicious programs that spread, but is not designed to provide complete protection system and detect some complex malware, like rootkits and bootkits.

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