Saturday, July 9, 2011

Learn to Play Guitar

Do not wait for a long time to share and play with others, has motivational, and just as important as the lessons themselves tested. I know some that dominate all equilibrates Showroom Technology, reaming, tapping, jumping rope, your name, but can not play with others, had only to sit in a room in the house of their children to learn this technique at any time little world.

Other challenges, of course, to find the right person to play. The best befit you will get by playing with people at a slightly higher level than yourself. Since the number of players have a lot of guitar, do not hesitate to play the guitar or the bass drum for a while, you will benefit from the same challenges as the bass. To play guitar chords you need to get together with the drum, and keep all together music. Is a better musician and final best guitarist, lead guitarist Percept different? If you believe that, the low in May seems dull, and then try to listen to Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller, so you will not find boring. Is not stronger than the weakest, both in music. In general, the band is not only good, as the singer musician ads, but also a talent for songwriting, composition, and the completely creative process until the end of the same song.

I want to learn more about the rules, also in people's ability to learn an instrument, like playing the guitar, at least in the choir singing popular songs with basic ding. To reach a more advanced level, requires a little bit more tedious training, like you learn to know the instrument a little better. Many great guitarists do not read the sound on paper, because it is not necessary in popular music, unless you want to play something classical. However, you have to learn a dozen species of scale in a different position, the train until the correct sequence of tones, and the scope to make your own or improvisation, based on the sequence of music in the music business.

The most clever guitar players can even take up the jazz improvisation challenge that sets big demands to your hearing and recognizing of harmonies within a chord or progression. Someone said that in the whole sound of jazz is like "the law", would you say is the truth with modifications, but there is always a red thread of self - and even jazz, improvisation, where now and then visit harmonies played with other instruments.

The samples have the same meaning with the harmonies, and the perception can change the order of 2-Tone sound different. Often with the metronome, and play with others at regular intervals to form in time. Also important is the tone and speed, strength and tone. The optimal combination of single title dynamic tone, a tone sequence speed, and even a small break in which only the other instruments in a suitable filling, based on a short sequence.

It is also important to listen to music, even if not to test or just to relax, but with other things, especially in the education of jazz. The music builds a pattern in your sub consciousness, so you will remember some of this when you try to improvise on your own.

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