Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bird Population

The bird population decreased every day and this is a global phenomenon. Recent research carried out by BirdLife International, shows that more than 1226 bird species threatened with extinction.

You are probably reading this and asking yourself, "Why should I care for birds close to extinction? They make our planet healthy and help the environment. Without these birds would be infected insects.

Every day more observers of birds lose the chance to hear the birds sing, watching them fly in the air and watch they feed their children. Factors contributing to the loss of these birds, including climate change, habitat loss and the loss of forests.

Climate change caused by the use of pesticides, pollution and changes in ecosystems. he loss of forests and habitats are caused by fire and by massive construction of houses, business, roads, etc. If you have noticed, we are losing our forests a little bit. Every day, man is always so greedy, that instead of preserving our forests; destroy them to build homes and businesses for more money.

We can do several things for our feathered friends are disappearing. We can plant a few trees and shrubs in our yards. Of trees and shrubs are good sources of food, shelter and nesting. We have a bird feeder full of seed fund to feed them. We have a birdhouse so that they can be their eggs. We have a birdbath for them to cool their bodies.

Birds do not sweat because they have no sweat gland. Bird body temperature reached about 7 to 8 degrees warmer in the human body. Therefore, we do not see many birds flying around in the middle of the day. One of the things birds to be cool for swimming in the local watering hole installations as lake, river, lake or even a birdbath.

Keep birds around a little more time. Join a local organization dedicated to the conservation of birds. They are non-profit organizations and they will receive the money goes to the birds' conservation and protection of habitats.

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