Saturday, July 16, 2011

Leave the Comfort Zone

I often start work in the fear that it seems to be very heavy. Until I feel everything that is difficult to do. And finally there is a delay does not present any results.
People often say "why have to search difficult? Just play safe. And not all people want is out of the circle. If the business is easily visible, the crowd people follow them.

If you want success, then you must be outside the Comfort Zone. Not all people want to do this, because they assume that business is always difficult not bring any results. As a result they only glued by the condition in which they feel all the hard work that is high risk.

You may remember the Alfa Thomas Edison, inventor light bulb the first time that has been tried many times and at times thousands of experiments, Thomas Edison Alfa never surrender. The principle used by it is "1% inspiration 99% perspiration."

Search the factors that affect the comfort Zone for you!

- A habit that is always in the comfort zone can be changed with the way you get to leave the comfort zone.

- Start with a task that most difficult, and "Just Do It!" Just do the task right now. Do not think the results will be achieved, but think about the process being carried out.

- Habit avoid problems, always is a habit that leads to the comfort zone. You have to face all obstacles and finish with any risk that you will receive.

- If you do it correctly, then the task can be completed as whatever.

- Dispose far as pessimistic you! People always say that everything is difficult not characteristics that people want to succeed.

- Any work performed outside the comfort zone should be enjoyed. Make this work is a game. Create the atmosphere that gives you energy to complete the phase-phase plan to achieve your success.

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