Friday, July 15, 2011

The Elephants

Huge size and yet can be so elegant. Working hard is very playful and you can see elephants at work or play in his natural environment or zoo. Elephant can be found in many countries around the world and I have the honor of the African elephant in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, elephants and their children when they travel in the Indian subcontinent and the elephant when traveling in Thailand to see. Of course, if you ever were to a ceremony or just maybe you have seen the white elephant stall.

Elephants are herd animals and will do anything to their young and other members of their flock to protect. They can a formidable enemy and the fee for something or someone a potential risk of serious damage to lives and property. Elephant trunk has many options and is very strong in the movement and lifting of objects, so the child if necessary gently nudged it.

Elephants do not have too many predators in their natural environment, and even a lion in Africa is usually the game that the weight of these enormous creatures, but one of the greatest threats to elephants is a man. Still-hunted for their ivory, especially from poachers trying to live, some countries have an elephant sanctuary. There is a special place for elephants in Kenya, where local people are employed to care for them, and recommends being teachers at poaching them.

When traveling in India I found that the most worrying so much more to see elephants in chains, used for logging and other heavy tasks in captivity, their human receptors. Some baby elephants in India are born in captivity and have never experienced the freedom that many of their ancestors roaming the jungle and eat local vegetation free. Some encouraging news happens in India with the activities of groups that call themselves "Elephants without Chains". The group organizes itself to view learning and leisure elephants wherever possible and obtaining funds from various activities, including exhibitions, including work with elephant motifs from known and promising new talent. Unfortunately, like many animal activist groups come under many attacks, including physical and often violent attacks on members.

If you would like to help support the conservation and humane treatment of these beloved animals, there are many organizations around the world, you money or time, energy and love pour in some cases, if you want a holiday with a difference.

Breeding elephants in a zoo, a little mystery, because on the one hand, we can thus contribute to their survival, reproduction and many other programs zoo enclosures seems barely big enough to house and fit, these rare animals.

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