Thursday, July 14, 2011

True Wealth

Most people think of building wealth means many things and a lot of money. He says: "He who dies with more victories." Nothing could be further from the truth. When people are in the process of dying not ask her book checkbook for the last time to see how well they did in life because they see their friends and warm the last time in the relationship they have with them. I'm guilty of it as the next person because they brought their relationship in life for granted sometimes. It's easy to fill my day with more tasks and measures of a good day, few things have got to achieve my goals.

When you write about building wealth, I'm not just talking about managing money. These are the most common misunderstandings. The real wealth is in the relationships we have and how well he did in his love and love the other creator. I am just a manager for one who has created everything and I have been renting part of it to manage. If I can manage well, cannot be trusted with more of this.

This is a sacred responsibility. This means that we must be generous with what they gave me. You must help the needy. Where I get more reward than any benefit you might get by purchasing something for yourself. I started realizing that if we keep everything to me that I began to heart rot.

There is much power in the money. The creditors are the owners of the borrowers. The rich are the rules you must follow the poor. Only a strong support may be weak. Only the rich can help the poor, and the creditors can only thank the debtors of their debts. Therefore, the accumulation of a certain amount of money can be a good thing if we can keep our hearts fall in love with your money. Instead, we love what we do for others with him.

My wife and I felt led to send a certain amount of money we met a shepherd who had found full-time because his church could not support him. We were not sure they were very impressed by the amount that comes with, but it seemed that the amount required. Do not send to the church, and we sent it to him personally. At first this seemed strange to me, but he felt like the right thing to do. For some reason he delayed sending it, I think I had problems to get the correct address. And finally send it. Several weeks later I received a call from a pastor, I was surprised because I gave him my phone number. He said: "Jim, you have no idea what you did!"

Somewhat puzzled, wondering what mess I went at this time. He said: "I had an interview scheduled, and started having problems with dental implants. I was worried about going to an interview with the lack of teeth, but I felt that God told me I was being a appointment with the dentist, but I still do not know how I pay for it.

After the morning of my appointment with the dentist I went to check my mailbox and there was a check for the same amount that they had to pay for a dentist appointment and replacement of the implant. "Upon hearing this story really reached my heart, and he confirmed that the true wealth is not money, is about the good that I love God and love my neighbors. Say thanks to God who gave him the opportunity to be blessed with the task of providing, and improving the health of your heart at the same time.

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